Friday, March 10, 2017

Do you have a God?

I am a member of a Facebook Al-Anon group, its private to members only so no one you know will see the posts. Earlier today someone posted how lonely they felt. A person responded with the question above "Do you have a God?".

I interpret it to mean that God would be the source to cast my feelings of loneliness, of aloneness, to. Today I feel lonely. I feel sad, and depressed. It doesn't matter why I do, I just do. So reading this question was helpful to me. I can make a decision to spend this weekend, which I project will be filled with loneliness, with God. I don't know what that will look like and entail. For now, I am painting. I've always been a painter but have let it go for a few years. I am returning to it and I believe it's my meditation in motion. It makes me feel good. And good is God. So, yes, I have a God.

I hope you do too.

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Anonymous said...

Turning to God during loneliness is a good idea. have to remember this.