Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Do you ever let go?"

That was the question my date asked me last night at dinner. "Do you ever let go and go with the flow?". So of course my internal reaction was anger. What a thing to say on a second date, I thought. This man doesn't know me, I thought, just exactly what should I let go of? But.....I've been a good student lately, so I held onto my shit long enough to continue the conversation. I asked what exactly about my behavior indicated I was in need to letting go. He wouldn't tell me. He is a combative little creatin, lol, in my opinion.

It seems his perception of a second date is one where we should let it all "hang out". Tell each other every intimate moment of our lives. I do not agree. I told him I open up to people I feel safe with. And who have earned my trust. And given I've known him one week, you don't fall into that category just yet.

Boundaries, I've got some.

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Syd said...

Not a real good way to have a conversation with him taking your inventory. Some humor would be good for sure--I can think of lots of things to say about letting go that are pretty funny. Hang in there.