Friday, February 28, 2014

Stuff this week

I don't realize how I've neglected my blog sometimes. :( Seeing that it's been days since I was last journaling here makes me want to kick my own ass.

It's been an interesting and as always, emotional week for me. Seeing the ex at AA was somewhat jarring to me. He just remains in my thoughts. Another very close male friend has hurt me with his words and attitude and this time I am not going to over look it. He has shown no interest in discussing it with me although I reached out to him. He is acting petulant and childish.  I leave him to himself and am remaining detached with no anger.

Last night I had a first date with a man, who on paper, is a good catch. I'm not sure what I feel for him, but I know how I "don't" feel. I don't feel that WOW feeling that I've felt for other men before. Part of me says that's a good thing, that those relationships shot up like a rocket, only to come down hard and painful. He has asked me out again and I will go. Though, I am hesitant. He is respectful, but more assertive than I prefer. He slipped me the tongue last night while going in for the kiss goodnight. Not appreciated and I late told him so. He said I should "go with the flow, relax". Hmmmm...that comment opened a can of Christina whoop-ass. When I SET A BOUNDARY on how a man can touch me, that boundary damn well better be respected. And in a gentle, but firm voice, I told him so. It appeared he got the message and perhaps will respect it because I woke up to a "thank you for your time yesterday, would like to see you again, are you free this weekend" text.

Boundaries. Get some. Enforce them. No matter what.


Lauren said...

Great post for me to read today. I repeatedly have to enforce my boundaries and it still gets ignored but I want to stick to them!

Syd said...

Good for you. Sounds like he was moving way faster than necessary. Maybe your words have made him slow up a bit.